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Airport, Finance, Parks & Recreation, Personnel, Planning & Zoning

Airport Board

Meetings are held as needed.

Chair: Travis Eva

Members: Lyle Galloway, Joe Thueson, Neil Shupe,
Jim Willmore, Sam Wynn, Jerry Cain (Airport Manager)

City Council Representative: Rod Willmore

Public Works Superintendant: Scott Butigan

Fremont County Commissioner: Jordan Stoddard

Finance Committee

Meetings are held as needed.

Members: Rick Hill, Tom Erickson, Rodnie Nichols

Parks & Recreation Committee

Meetings are held as needed.

Chair: Kendra Nielson

Members: Cody Nielson, Joshua Chase, Marissa Argueta,
Shauna Shaltry, Deann Sanders, Tim Marriott

City Council Representative: Wendy Sykes

City Tree Representative: Gerry Bates

Parks Department: Matt Swensen

Personnel Committee

Meetings are held as needed.

Members: Rod Willmore, Russell Rubert, Jerry Browning

Planning & Zoning

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Chair: Jim Hobbs

Members: Paul Romrell (Vice Chair), Karen Browning, Inella Douglas,
Rich Gardner, Evan Tibbitts, Jim Hunter, Arlo Mendenhall, Chad Quayle

City Council Representative: Rick Hill

City Attorney: Bill Forsberg


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